Virtual Multi Skills League 2013-14

Virtual Multi Skills League 2013-14

Gabor Papp | 26/02/2013

This is a virtual league which will run until 10th July 2014. There won't be a central event, it will all happen in your school under your guidance.

The league offers an innovative way for children between Years 1-6 to participate in a fun and enjoyable multiskills competition against children from other schools.

Please download the attached Multi Skills Competition Guide, set up and complete the stations at your school.

Enter your scores below, and compete in a league against other schools across Haringey.


  • 8 competitors in each team [‘A’ team, top 8 / ‘B’ team, next 8 / ‘C’ team, next 8].
  • Add up the score of the best 8 competitors in the year group and submit the score.
  • If you have more than one form entry then you may enter as many teams of eight as you can.
  • You may also re enter and re submit your scores to improve your school.



  • Year 1 Boys&Girls mixed
  • Year 2 Boys&Girls mixed
  • Year 3 Boys&Girls mixed
  • Year 4 Boys&Girls mixed
  • Year 5 Boys&Girls mixed
  • Year 6 Boys&Girls mixed


  • Submit your scores before 10th July 2014

If you need any help, please get in touch with us.