Alexandra Park & Rhodes Avenue Multi Skills Festival

Alexandra Park & Rhodes Avenue Multi Skills Festival

Gabor Papp | 11/05/2009

The Haringey Multi Skills League offers an innovative way for children between Years 1-2 to participate in a fun and enjoyable multi skills competition against children from other schools.

Multi SkillsThe activities teach the fundamentals of movement, Agility, Balance and coordination all of which are key skills needed in various sports. It is hoped that through participating in these activities young children will develop these skills before they choose their specialist sport.

One hundred and twenty Key Stage 1 children from Rhodes Avenue Primary school visited Alexandra Park School to complete a Multi Skills circuit, comprising of balancing, throwing and catching, agility runs, hopping and target throwing.

APS BTEC First Sport Yr10 students, led the challenges at each station as part of their sports leadership coursework. They entered scores onto spreadsheets, and these were then down loaded onto the website allowing Primary schools to compete in a league against other schools across Haringey without having to travel.

The event was a huge success with the Primary children having the opportunity to practice their skills by completing the six fun and exciting challenges.

The older Sports Leaders benefitted greatly too, by being given the opportunity to develop their own leadership skills through leading their sports activity, managing the excited 5 & 6 year olds and accurately recording the results.


Congratulations to Darius (Yr.1) and Ailsa (Yr. 2) who achieved the highest scores in their year groups