Andros Townsend visits students in Haringey

Andros Townsend visits students in Haringey

Gabor Papp | 08/11/2013

As part of the England Footballers Foundation's leadership program Andros Townsend visited today the Haringey Leadership Academy and had a great Q&A with the students. Unfortunately the weather permitted an outdoor session which was also planned as part of the event.

After the FA Level 1 Coaching Course during half term the students from four different schools (Park View, St. Thomas More, Fortismere, Blanche Nevile) already new each other and bonded well.

The next step is to finish the First Aid and Child protection course to receive their FA Level 1 Coaching Certificate.

The whole class will visit the David Beckham Football Academy later this year for a two days session.

A great thank you goes to all the teachers who continuously help with the course and a special thank you goes to Burk Gravis, who managed to secure this great opportunity for Haringey students.