Top Activity Inspiring 'Semi Sporty' Pupils to Get Active

Top Activity Inspiring 'Semi Sporty' Pupils to Get Active

Gabor Papp | 24/02/2009

Although aimed at KS2 the activities in TOP Activity can be used at KS1 and, with larger equipment in KS3. Essentially it is a multiskills approach providing enjoyable activities designed to appeal to those youngsters who might not get switched on through more traditional sports.

Our approach has been to provide borough wide training aimed at School Meal Supervisory Assistants and adults other than teachers to give them the confidence to initiate and supervise the activities at lunchtimes and within after school clubs. We have a team of national trained trainers in Haringey and found funding through Healthy Schools and the Tottenham Grammar School Foundation to buy a bag of equipment and set of cards and resources for all the schools who came on training.

Community Sports Coach Philip Cambell, one of our trainers, is also able to work with schools at lunchtime to 'kick-start' the work in schools where staff feel they need that support.

Headteachers have reported that running these activities at lunchtimes has increased the number of active children and reduced incidents of bad behaviour. At Devonshire Hill School students have been taking part in over 3 hours of high quality physical activity each week through the purposeful work at lunchtimes. It has also enabled young leaders to flourish and lead the activities with younger pupils. The national launch for TOP Activity took place at Lordship Lane Primary School and TOP Activity in Haringey features in the Youth Sport Trust's Good Practice Case Study Pack, which has been distributed nationally.

Details of future training for TOP Activity are on the School Sports Partnerships' web site the Partnership Development Managers can point you in the direction of resources and support.