Quad Kids Athletics Gives Sports Leaders A Chance to Shine

Quad Kids Athletics Gives Sports Leaders A Chance to Shine

Gabor Papp | 02/07/2010

The Quad Kids Primary Athletics Championships gave Sport Leaders from Alexandra Park & St. Thomas More Schools a chance to demonstrate their skills, in organising over a hundred young athletes at a fun packed day at WHLCSC.

Quad Kids - Sports LeadersAPS students started the day with a quick debrief of duties from Ben Poochee, Quad Kids Chief Athletics Coach. They had a quick run through of the events and checked the scoring systems and Health & Safety regulations, then waited eagerly for the athletes to arrive.

Sports leaders helped lead the mass warm up and stretching before the events got under way.

They then split into groups some supervising and guiding athletes to their events. Whilst others acted as coaches, officials and score keepers.

Sports leaders gained high accolades from many of the Primary School staff and Competition organisers - Ben Poochee from English Athletics and Haringey's Competition Manager, Nicholas Nanikhan.

The day ran very smoothly with results being accurately recorded and the young athletes, being ably assisted with clear demonstrations from their older peers, who were keen to show off their own athletic skills.

Sports Leaders from APS log their volunteering hours on the Youth Sport Trusts 'Step into Sport' online Passport. This was also another opportunity for students to gain valuable experience that contributes to their academic success with PE GCSE & BTEC First Sport, courses that they follow back at School.