Positive Futures at PVA

Positive Futures at PVA

Gabor Papp | 23/05/2010

Parkview Academy's PE and Dance Faculty would like to thank Positive Futures for their generous funds which has supported many different programs.

Highland Games - GCSE students

The programs included:

  • Cricket Club
  • Girls Football Club
  • BTEC Dance Qualification
  • BTEC Sport Qualification
  • GCSE PE Qualification

An example of a massive impact is, if it was not for Positive Futures generosity the BTEC and GCSE PE students would not have been able wear personalized sports kits which has been worn since the beginning of October 2009 to present. All of these students have worn their professional looking kits in Primary school's festivals, sporting fixtures and PVA coaching sessions which has helped raise the profile of coaching, raise participation in sport and help increase Year 10's and 11's motivational levels and therefore have an impact on their current grades.

The impact on our students lives would not have been as great, if was not for the support of Positive Futures.

Students in action:



Andrew Neophytou
Head Of Physical Education
Parkview Academy