National School Sport Week - registration, resoruces

National School Sport Week - registration, resoruces

Gabor Papp | 26/04/2010

Millions of children took part in the National School Sport Week last year. Give your students the opportunity to participate in this fantastic event from 26 June till 8 July in 2010. Register your schools to receive a hard copy of the Teacher Planning Pack plus certificates and stickers for the students.

Park View Academy SSP has already registered all it's schools and is planning to do many different activities during that week. As soon as the plans are ready we will start publicising what activities will happen.

Please let us know, if you have registered your school and are planning to run some activities. We could share ideas and maybe run some events together.

What do you think about a Haringey wide Activate morning? Where all the kids would start doing Activate at the same time on their school's playground, doing the same activities. Would you be interested? Let us know your views (

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