Haringey Young Ambassadors

Haringey Young Ambassadors

Gabor Papp | 13/10/2010

Haringey Young Ambassadors started their duties this week, by delivering an assembly to Alexandra Park School Yr10 students, encouraging them to volunteer as Sports Leaders.

Haringey Sport - Young AmbassadorsEmma & Abi attended a Youth Sports Trust Conference in September, where they were inspired by several Olympians to spread the message, about the rewards to be had from Sports Leading.

Following a powerpoint, depicting the significant contribution made by APS Sports Leaders, to the activity levels of the APS Family of schools last year. The YA's shared their personal stories of how their involvement has reaped great rewards.

"E: You may be thinking that being a sports leader is all about being a volunteer and giving up loads of your spare time. However until you are a sports leader you have no idea how many benefits there are. During year 10, we met Dame Kelly Holmes, played tennis with Greg Rusedski, had a tour of the Arsenal stadium and are now on our way to getting vouchers for our Step into Sport volunteering hours.

A: Only two weeks ago we were at the Brit Oval, collecting our adidas kit as we have been made Gold Young Ambassadors for Haringey.  We had a whole day being taught our role as ambassadors. We weren’t being taught by just any teacher, we were being taught by Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Christine Ohuruogu was there to encourage us and we are now setting up many activities throughout school that we would really appreciate your help with.

E:  Going to primary schools during P.E was also fantastic, we visited many schools in the borough and all the children loved us introducing them to new sports and activities.

A: Being a sports leader is hard work, I’m not going to lie, however it was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.

E: In November we are expecting to go to Alexandra Palace for a presentation, to reward us for the hundreds of hours we have put towards supporting, helping and volunteering towards young people in sports. You may not be thinking about UCAS points and applying for colleges and sixth forms yet, however, if you have a sports leaders qualification, umpiring qualifications and proof of volunteering hours, it will look fantastic, if you are doing Duke of Edinburgh it will also count towards that.

A: So, have a think about the benefits of being a sports leader and if you feel it is for you, then please take part, join in and volunteer as the rewards are fantastic. You never know you may end up as an Olympic Ambassador for Haringey as well.

The YA's look forward to spreading the word further afield, by encouraging the Step into Sport Programme in other schools who are yet to embrace it's philosophy of student volunteering.