Dance Day behind the scenes

Dance Day behind the scenes

Gabor Papp | 22/03/2011

The project was developed by Ms Malcolm and Mr Papp. Initially we just wanted to run a dance competition, but when we set down to do a little brain storming the project started to grow and by the time we got up it already included a series of intra school competitions leading up to the Dance Day workshops and the competition. - remembers Ms Malcolm


We than started to work on producing a tutorial video with our dance BTEC students. At first a suitable dance had to be coreographed for yr3&4 primary children what was already challenging itself, but they not only had to coreograph the piece but also teach it on a video tutorial. The first parts of the video took a long time to film, as we had to start it over and over again. Unfortunately the batterypack of the camcorder was dying and we couldn't locate the power lead so we only had a set amount of time. We were much relieved when we finished recording everything just 10 seconds before the camera gave up. After the tutorial was edited it was uploaded to youtube where primary classes could watch it every day and learn it.

The original video had 255 views and the updated version another 52 what makes it over 300 views in total. And we must not forget that Belmont Junior had to use DVDs as the access to youtube is forbidden on smart boards. Click here to watch the dance tutorial!

A big thank you goes to Ms Malcolm and the BTEC dance students and also to the PE dept. for their support and for giving up the gym for the day.

We are now in production of a year 5&6 tutorial and organising their event which should be held on the 7th March.