Dance Combat kicks off at Alexandra Park School

Dance Combat kicks off at Alexandra Park School

Gabor Papp | 29/04/2010

Following very well received taster sessions, Year 10 girls at Alexandra Park  have been given the opportunity to participate in 'Dance Combat' both during their PE lesson time and at a weekly extra curricular club.

Dance Combat at APS

The aim of the sessions are to develop confidence & encourage more students to take up regular activity, as well as looking at the possibility of martial arts as a means of improving personal safety and enjoying its benefits for both mind and body.
The girls have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, which have combined fast paced aerobic kick boxing along with advise on how best to fend off a would be attacker.
Sanjuro DanceCombat Learning & Development Aims:
Following the programme the girls will be able to demonstrate :
  • an understanding of basic martial art techniques & their application
  • as individuals understand their physical abilities
  • as a group support one another and be able to safely practice and advise each other on their technique
  • as individuals appreciate the importance of fitness and its impact on health
Sanjuro activity in Haringey will be promoted to the girls, who will hopefully be inspired to continue with the classes after the programme has finished in July.
If you would like more details about Dance Combat then the person to contact is -
Anita Yiannoullou
07973 571 921

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