Canoeing & Kayaking at Alexandra Park School

Canoeing & Kayaking at Alexandra Park School

Gabor Papp | 07/06/2009

As part of Alexandra Park schools diverse Key Stage 4 PE Curriculum, students have been given the opportunity to complete a Paddlesport Start Award during their core PE lessons.

Kayak CanoeThese taster sessions have been led by Lee valley Canoe Club instructors, who introduced students to the basic skills of paddling a variety of boats forwards, backwards, turning and stopping.


Safety is paramount and all students wear buoyancy vests and helmets.


Many students had already had a brief experience of paddling from visiting Pendarren OEC in Primary school, and they quickly grasped the technique of steering themselves up and down Stonebridge Loch.


Following the success of these initial taster sessions, APS students have the opportunity to become members of the club for the very reasonable price of £2 a year and are encouraged to pursue this fun activity in their own time.


For more information on how you could get involved with Canoeing or Kayaking