Alexandra Park Yr11 Complete BCU 1 Star Award

Alexandra Park Yr11 Complete BCU 1 Star Award

Brendan Amooty | 20/05/2011

Students from Alexandra Park School took a break from revision whilst completing their British Canoe Union 1 Star Award in the sunshine at Stonebridge Lock, paddling their way up and down the River Lea in a range of canoes and kayaks.


The day was funded by a Jack Petchy Award which APS Young Sports Ambassador, Abi had been presented with earlier in the year.

A group of ten students who had completed theiir Paddle Power Award in the autumn term, took to the water again to develop their skills. For some this was an opportunity to contribute to their GCSE PE practical assessment scores.

The day was a great success, with the students practicing getting in and out of the boats unaided; changing direction using a range of strokes and then capsizing under control and returning to the bank with boat and paddle in toe.

APS SSCo & Students would like to thank Lea Valley Canoe & Cycle for their expert tuition which made the day both rewarding and fun.

Abi's account of the day:

'When I was awarded with my Jack Petchey Award the first question everyone asked me was “what are you going to do with the money?.” I had seen many people win the award and just say they’ll give it to a subject area, but never actually see how the money was spent. So I decided I would spend the money on something that would benefit and create an experience for people to remember for the rest of their lives. We had previously been canoeing/kayaking in Yr11 Core PE lessons and everyone had really enjoyed themselves. So when the opportunity arose to do our One Star Award, I thought there would be nothing better than paying for the course, to encourage people to take further part in the sport and have fun at the same time!

So on a cloudy morning on the 28th March 2011 an adventurous group of students embarked on a bus ride to Stonebridge Lock.

For the first half of the morning, we practiced different strokes and we even did some gondoliering!

After lunch the sun came out and we were in our wetsuits, ready to start the art of capsizing! After many turns of falling in the water, some more elegant than others, it was time to change out of wetsuits and head off back to school. Not only was our day memorable but we now all have achieved our one star award.

Without a doubt, it was money well spent and hopefully many of us have been encouraged to attend the clubs weekly sessions on Sunday mornings.

It was a fantastic day out and enjoyed by all.'