APS Sports Leaders support 'Positive Play' @ OLM

APS Sports Leaders support 'Positive Play' @ OLM

Gabor Papp | 29/04/2010

'Positive Play' has been the focus, for another successful Primary Secondary school link, between Alexandra Park & Our Lady of Muswell schools. AP Sports Leaders have supported OLM SMSA's in delivering fun and energetic sports activities during the lunch hour.

OLM Positive Play at HaringeySports Leaders from Alexandra Park school travelled to Our Lady of Muswell throughout the Spring term & delivered exciting sports activities, to the eager pupils. Activities ranged from cheerleading to parachute games. As well as traditional activities such as skipping and relay races which were a big hit too.

AP Sports leaders grew in confidence as the weeks progressed and the experience gave them the opportunity to put their weekly SL training sessions into practice.

The opportunity to make such a positive impact on lunch times, has encouraged the Sports leaders to continue to spend their  Core PE lessons, assisting with the 'Positive Play' initiative, this term with Boundsgreen Primary School.

Active, fun filled lunch times, is being encouraged throughout the borough, as a means of helping pupils to reach the Govt. target of 3 hours of high quality PE & Sport a week. Not to mention the bonus, of cutting down on unwanted behaviour at lunch time, when some pupils get bored.

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