A day in the life of a Haringey Gold Young Ambassador

A day in the life of a Haringey Gold Young Ambassador

Brendan Amooty | 22/05/2011

Haringey Young Ambassadors do an incredible job promoting sport in Haringey. APS Gold Ambassador, Emma Copley shares a day of her diary to show the impact volunteering can make.

It’s not unusual for me to wake up in the morning and before jumping out of bed do a quick mental run through the day ahead of me. This way I know I’ll turn up to school in the right kit or uniform!

My day began this morning with a slightly earlier rise than normal, so that I could be at school by 8am ready to help Alexandra Park SSCo Brendan Amooty, coach football to pupils from a neighbouring primary school Rhodes Avenue. This is part of an initiative called the Arsenal Double Club which aims to support students in both their physical learning of the skills involved in football and their academic skills in literacy and numeracy. Students from year six are encouraged to participate every week on one assigned day before they start their regular school day. They come to their local secondary school where we teach them warm up drills, football skills and sportsmanship. Not only does this initiative increase their physical stamina but it also breaks down some of the anxiety about making the transition to secondary school. Today we worked on ‘passing’ and followed this up with a few small sided games. Back at their school the students then completed literacy and numeracy work aimed at helping them achieve higher levels.

I then delivered a speed stacking demonstration to students in Year 8 which will ultimately lead to an inter tutor competition later this term, organised by both myself and my fellow Ambassador. We are shortly hoping to start a lunchtime club open to all years.

During a double core PE lesson, I then went with our School Sports Co ordinator to another local primary school to deliver Multi Skills challenges to year one pupils as part of Haringey’s virtual league.

After a full day of school I then attended a British Gymnastics Key Steps Judges workshop. This is in preparation for the School Sports Partnership Gymnastics Competition that I will be judging next week.  On a regular Wednesday I usually coach badminton to students from Years 5 to 8 from 3.15 to 4.45pm. This is often followed by a few games with older students and teachers from my school.

Reached home and had dinner and changed into my Scouts Leader uniform.

7.30 – 9pm
Head off to lead the 2nd Muswell Hill Scouts. Back home by 9.15pm with just enough time and energy left to finish off some homework for school. I slept well!

Not every day as an ambassador is as full as this, but it seems like second nature to me to be out there involved in sports and volunteer work. There are so many schemes set up to encourage young people to get involved not just in sport but in their own community. ‘Step into sport’ is another great initiative that my school participates in. We commit to volunteering in primary schools in our neighbourhood through our PE lessons at school and also in our own time after school or at the weekends. The scheme aims to give recognition to students who volunteer in their communities both in and out of school.  All hours are logged onto a Step into Sport on line passport to gain credit for the full range of volunteering delivered to help promote sport in Haringey.

It isn’t difficult to become involved in sports and I find coaching and refereeing some of the most interesting and exciting aspects of being an Ambassador. This role has also given me the opportunity to attend the National Conference in London concerned with promoting both the Olympic and Para Olympic Games and their core values. Whilst there I was lucky enough to meet some of our Olympic champions. (see photograph)
I have been a Young Ambassador for the past five months and have been fortunate to be offered fantastic opportunities that have extended my knowledge of sport and made it possible for me to share my enthusiasm with younger students around the borough. Being an ambassador isn’t just about persuading students to come and join in sporting activities its about showing how much enjoyment can be had by being part of a team or by volunteering to support sports in your local area.

I am one of two gold ambassadors that represent the borough of Haringey. Both of us are from Alexandra Park School. Every week we support teachers and coach a variety of sports to different age groups both within our school and in the immediate community.  We help coach netball to a local primary school which is organised as an after school activity. We also umpire school netball, football and badminton matches. We are also part of an initiative which will train us to become assistant tennis coaches (weather permitting!). As well as these sports awards we have recently trained to become gymnastics and trampoline judges. You can never have too many qualifications!

Finally, why don’t you put yourself forward and join a club, volunteer at school or in your local area.  And don’t forget, The Arsenal Double Club, Step into Sports, Adistars (part of the Young Ambassador program) and the Young Ambassadors are just some of the ways you too could become involved in sports in Haringey. 
So, just go for it and have fun!

Emma Copley

Haringey Gold Young Ambassador