Mixed Kwik Cricket Festival [primary] 12/06/2014

Best Team Kwik Cricket Results

Gabor Papp | 17/06/2014

It is difficult to find enough superlatives to describe the high standard of play on display throughout the day; every year the standard seems to improve but this event seemed to mark a real step up in standards.

The entry was impressive, 22 teams, the weather was glorious, the pitches and the venue were perfect, thanks to North Middlesex CC and the umpiring by the Highgate Wood students was excellent and got better an better throughout the tournament. A few knowledgeable, cricketing parents who were present remarked on the high standard of the umpires and of the remarkable level of sportsmanship shown by all the players from all the schools; well done to all concerned.

The group matches were played in 5 pools on 7 pitches leading to 8 teams qualifying for the quarter finals. These were hard fought and led to semi finals of Rhodes Avenue v Tetherdown and Rokesly v Coldfall. Tetherdown and Coldfall contested the final where Coldfall made an impressive start but the overall quality of the Tetherdown squad saw them win convincingly.

We wish Tetherdown the best of luck in the London Schools' final on 25th June at Regents Park.

Dave Thomas

School Games Organiser: Woodside SSP
Mob: 07710528997