DARE 2 DANCE 15/03/2010

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Dare 2 Dance Empowerment Day Haringey has been chosen as one of the Dare 2…


Inter school

15/03/2010 09:45-16:00
Highgate Wood School, Gladesmore Secondary School, Woodside High Secondary School, Park View School, and 6 more… Duke's Aldridge, Hornsey Girls Secondary School, Greig City Academy, Alexandra Park Secondary School, Fortismere Secondary School, St. Thomas More RC

Gabor Papp
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Yr7, Yr8, Yr9, Yr10, and 2 more… Yr11, 16+

Dare 2 Dance Empowerment Day

Haringey has been chosen as one of the Dare 2 Dance pilot boroughs and was hoping you would like to host one of the Empowerment Days at your school in March/April. The event would need to be held in a large hall or dance studio.

The Dare 2 Dance Empowerment Day is a girls only day that focuses on getting women dancing and involved in physical activity.  It runs over 1 school day and is targeted at any secondary age girls.  You would be the host school and your students and any others from other secondary schools would attend.  A 10 week course of dance would follow this event and offers a free opportunity to contribute to you 3hr after school offer of quality sport and physical activity.

Please read the attached document for an itinerary of the day.

Dare 2 Dance Women's Empowerment Day at Park View
Gabor Papp | 17/03/2010

89 girls from four schools took part at the Dare 2 Dance Empowerment day at Park View Academy. One girl described the event as "D2D gave me a good experience about what dance is and how to dance. In today's programme I can't say that I liked one thing in particular in fact I liked EVERYTHING. Thank you!" For all interested girls a Dare 2 Dance club started on Tuesdays at PVA.