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Year 7 Girls Tag Rugby
Adem Ali | 03/10/2019

A great introduction to rugby hosted by Duke's Aldridge.

1st Alexandra PaRK, 2nd St Thomas More & 3rd Highgate Wood

Primary Schools Football Finals
Adem Ali | 30/09/2019

Girls Finals Thursday 3rd October 4.00pm at Rhodes Avenue School

Rhodes Avenue, South Harringay, North Harringay & Earlham

Boys Finals Thursday 10th October 4.00pm at Rhodes Avenue School

St Michaels N6, Risley, Devonshire Hill &Trinity


Adem Ali | 26/09/2019

A great competition held at Fortismere organised by Adem Ali on behalf of the Haringey Sports Development Trust

1st Fortismere, 2nd Alexandra park, 3rd Highgate Wood, 4th Woodside, 5th Heartlands, 6th Greig City, &th Hornsey, *th St Thomas More.

Full results in docs

Year 8 Girls Tag Rugby
Adem Ali | 26/09/2019

Hosted by Highgate Wood School

!st Highgate Wood, 2nd Alexandra Park, 3rd= Gladesmore & St Thomas More

London Skolars Tag Rugby Sessions Years 2 - 6
Adem Ali | 16/09/2019

Tag Rugby Sessions for Boys and Girls Ages 7 - 11 years

New River 10:00am - 11:00am

Saturdays Starting 7th September for 13 weeks to 30th November

Cost £2 per session

Poster in docs


Year 3/4 Athletics
Adem Ali | 26/06/2019

Year 3/4 Quadkids Athletics

Thursday 11th July

Albert Road Recreation Ground

Next to Rhodes Avenue School

Primary Schools Kwik Cricket
Adem Ali | 25/06/2019

The girls kwik cricket competition was hosted by North London CC

The final was extremely close with Rhodes Avenue winning from Channing by three runs. Fifteen schools took part.

The following day the Best Team competition hosted by North Middlesex CC was a three way tie between Rokesly, Rhodes Avenue and Tetherdown with Rokesly the victors having scored more runs.

Full results in docs

Primary Schools Netball 7 a side
Adem Ali | 03/06/2019

Important Notice

Primary Schools Netball

Please send your entries direct to Stephanie Pride at Highgate School.


Entries close Friday 14th June

If entry already sent to Charlie please re enter Charlie has left Highgate.

London Mini Marathon
Adem Ali | 01/05/2019

Before the main London Marathon there are a series of Junior Races run over the last 3 miles of the course and finishing on the Mall.  The race attracts the best young runners from across the country doubling as both National Road Race Championships and London Borough Challenge.

Haringey fielded a team of 33 young athletes across the 6 races finishing 7th of the London Boroughs in the U13 Girls and U17 women.  Among a host of great performances on the day includes Spike Blake finishing   24th overall in the U13 Boys and Gerance Ferera 41st in the U13 Girls.

Thanks as always to Burk and his team of volunteers who looked after the runners on the day.

Virgin London Mini-marathon and British Road Race Championships

The Embankment  London

Sunday 28th April

Weather: Overcast and cool

U13 Boys (242 Runners) 3 miles

1st Redbridge 51 pts

12th Haringey 216 pts

1st Ben Peck (Thetford) 16:05

24th (4th in the Borough Challenge) Spike Blake 16:58

116th (59th) David Baah Oyere 18:58

119th (62nd) Billy Fudge 19:02

151st (91st) Zac Turner 19:31

175th (115th) Sam Lindsell 19:54

178th (118th) Sam Brown 19:56

U13 Girls (246 Runners) 3 miles

1st Richmond 41 pts

7th Haringey 187 pts

1st Ruby Vinton (Ipswich Harriers) 17:14

41st (7th) Gerance Ferera 19:17

82nd (28th) Hattie Munday 20:06

94th (39th) Lauren Russell 20:25

115th (59th) Issy Watkins 20:42

120th (64th) Elinor Chadwick 20:48

130th (74th) Matilda Donald 20:56

U15 Boys (225 Runners) 3 miles

1st Richmond 51 pts

13th Haringey 244th

1st Thomas Archer (Hackney) 15:09

Adem Ali | 01/05/2019

An excellent competition refereed by the Skolars U/20 players.

A separate boys and girls competition each split into two pools.

St Michael's were outstanding winning both the competitions.

Full results in docs

Year 3 & 4 Red Tennis
Adem Ali | 01/05/2019

The competition was held at New River Sports Centre indoor tennis centre. The competitioin is mixed with two boys and two girls competing in each round.

Results:- 1st Coleridge, 2nd Weston Park, 3rd Coldfall, 4th Muswell Hill, 5th Bounds Green, 6th South Harringay, 7th Rokesly, 8th St Gilda's, 9th North Harringay & 10th Trinity

Full results in docs


Year 7 & 8 Secondary Swimming Gala
Adem Ali | 01/05/2019

A good competition hosted by Duke's Aldridge.

Year 7 Girls:- 1st Highgate Wood, 2nd Fortismere, 3rd Alexandra Park, 4th Park View & 5th Heartlands. Year 8 Girls:- 1st Highgate Wood, 2nd Heartlands, 3rd St Thomas More, 4th Alexandra Park & 5th Fortismere.

Year 7 Boys:- 1st Highgate Wood, 2nd Alexandra Park, 3rd Duke's Aldridge & 4th Park View. Year 8 Boys:- 1st Fortismere, 2nd St Thomas More, 3rd Duke's Aldridge, 4th Alexandra Park & 5th Highgate Wood.

National Primary Schools Cross Country Championships 2019
Adem Ali | 29/03/2019

Haringey took a team of Yr5 and 6 to the National Primary Cross Country Championships held at Prestwold Hall nr Loughborough again this year. There were over 2000 runners taking part with competing teams from as far as Cornwall and Cumbria.  Although relatively free of mud, the narrow course and tight bends made a fast start imperative to securing a good placing.  The young Haringey Team produced some fantastic results with Vita Varden (Highgate) 8th in the yr 5 girls, Elinor Chadwick (Tetherdown), and Mia Rosen finishing 12th and 13th places respectively in the Yr 6 Girls race.  For the Boys Trizano Wilson (Trinity) finished 18th in the Yr5 and Zac Turner (Coleridge) 47th in the Yr6 race.
U10 Girls Race 2.2k (343 Runners)
1st S Quinn (Billingham) 7:27
8th Vita Varden 7:57
141st Zarl Thum 9:01
159th Amy Kirk 9:12
165th Isobell Chitham 9:14
181st Elkie Baker 9:17
199th Ava Smith 9:26
301st Dilate Bilici 10:19
U10 Boys Race 2.2k (313 runners)
1st F Jones (Wolves & Bilston) 7:00
18th Trizano Wilson 7:34
58th Ben Redland 7:54
181st Lou Broadway 8:36
236th Thomas Saunders 8:58
238th Leo Mahon 8:58
255th Harry Yorston 9:09
U11 Girls Race 2.4k (342 runners)
1st M Bellwood (W Yorks) 7:38
12th Elinor Chadwick 8:22
13th Mia Rosen 8:24
184th Caroline Soest 9:54
202nd Amaya Stakkarndass 10:01
215th Kleio Lloyd 10:21
282nd Amy Kendall 10:58
U11 Boys 2.4k (328 runners)
1st O Ulfig (Wolves & Bilston) 8:01
47th Zac Turner 8:47
110th Billy Fudge 9:14
117th Samuel Lindsell 9:16
147th Sam Brown 9:26
151st Joel Briars-Coan 9:27
224th Kamran Bakhshi 9:55
235th Zabede France 10:00
246th Babe Edwards 10:09

Adem Ali | 13/03/2019

Dance is fast becoming the leading sport in the borough with excellent work in both primary and secondary schools





ALSO Storm Boucherea-Thompson and Ayanna Johnson in Year 4 (Scarlet) represented St Mary's in the National South East Regional Dance finals.

Over 100 schools competed from the South East of England fighting for the five top places to advance and secure themselves a place at the National finals in Oxford on the 4th June 2019.


The competition was fierce with Woodcorft Primary school our most rival competition (They have won it for the past 4 years at both regionals and National finals in this particular competition) going before our girls. Pressure hit level 1000.

This year would not be for them!


This year, St Marys' tore the theatre down!

Such passion, finesse, power, magic and intense emotions only some of the words that could describe what this tiny duet expressed yesterday.


The packed out theatre that seats nearly 2000 people sat silently and transfixed with the girls and the way they dance. The emotion and storytelling was raw and beauitful and both girls captivated the audience.The judges even more so. They scored a wopping 196 out of 200 with one judge scoring them 99.


To say I am a proud teacher is truly an understatement. These girls did everything I asked and more. True role models and inspirational little beings. Such magic created yesterday!


Here is what their choreography was about:

Pieces title: “100 Days of Silence”

The Rwandan genocide, was a mass slaughter of Tutsi in Rwanda during the Rwandan Civil War. It was directed by members of the Hutu majority government during the 100-day period from 7 April to mid-July 1994. An estimated 500,000 to 1,000,000 Rwandans were killed.

This Year 4 duet, through this choreography investigates and displays strength of feeling, pain, anger, tension, fracturing, anguish and sorrow – but also grace, restraint and dignity. They are portraying a friendship of enemies forged by this destruction. Bring on National finals!

Marie-Reine Bouchereau

Kwik Sticks Hockey Primary Championships 2019
Adem Ali | 08/03/2019

Thanks once again to Fortismere Students for hosting an excellent competition and Mr Gray.

Results:Pool A:- 1st Coleridge B, 2nd Muswell Hill, 3rd Campsbourne, 4th North Harringay, 5th Highgate Primary, 6th Rhodes Avenue B, 7th Bounds Green. Pool B:- 1st Tetherdown, 2nd Rhodes Avenue, 3rd= St Michaels N6 and Rokesly, 5th Coleridge, 6th Earlsmead.

Final Positions:- 1st Tetherdown, 2nd Coleridge B, 3rd Muswell Hill, 4th Rhodes Avenue.

Tetherdown will represent Haringey at the School Games finals

Primary Schools Cross Country Championships 2019
Adem Ali | 07/03/2019

296 primary school children took part in the annual cross country championships for primary schools at New River.

Individual Results:- Girls:- Elle Chadwick Tetherdown, 2nd Amaya Shankardass Highgate, 3rd Elkie Baker Highgate Primary. Boys:- 1st Zac Turner Coleridge, 2nd Trizano Trinity, 3rd Billy Fudge Belmont.

Team Results:- Girls:- 1st Tetherdown, 2nd Coleridge A, 3rd Rokesly A. Boys:- 1st Rhodes Avenue A, 2nd Highgate Primary, 3rd Coleridge A.

Full results attached in docs.

Year 7 Netball
Adem Ali | 07/03/2019

On a glorious day at Highgate School the year 7 girls netball tournament was held.

Result:- 1st Channing A, 2nd St Thomas More, 3rd Fortismere A, 4th Alexandra Park, 5th Fortismere B, 6th Channing B, 7th = Greig City & Heartlands, 9th Gladesmore and 10th Park View.

Channing will now represent Haringey in the School Games finals. A different school has represented the borough over the past 5 years. Healthy competition

Primary Gymnastics
Adem Ali | 07/03/2019

The Key Steps Gymnastics competitions have been postponed to a later date due to original host leaving post. You will be informed of new date ASAP.

Adem Ali | 14/02/2019


Alexandra Park Junior Badminton Club
Adem Ali | 22/01/2019

Alexandra Park Junior Badminton Club
Community Badminton Club
Venue: APS Sports Hall
All sessions are coached.
Alexandra Park JBC is Clubmark accredited and is a Badminton England Premier Club.
6 Sessions weekly in term time:
Monday morning 7.30-8.30am
APS only
Tuesday morning 7.40-8.40am
Rhodes Avenue
Wednesday afternoon 3.30-4.30pm
APS only
Wednesday evening 4.30-6.30pm
11-18 years olds, any school
Intermediated to advanced (No beginners)
Thursday afternoon 4.30-5.30pm
7-13 years old, any school
Thursday evening 5.30-7.00pm
11-18 years old, any school
Intermediate to advanced (no beginners)
Anyone interested should email:
Full details of our club are on our website
Leaflet in docs - News - Click on Alexandra Pk Junior Badminton Club
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