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Girls Football Alexandrta Park Youth FC
Peter Bennett | 19/06/2018




9.00AM - 12.00PM


9-10AM U/9 & U/10 (YEARS 3,4,5)

10-11AM U/11,U/12,U/13 (YEARS6,7,8)

11-12NOON U/15,U16,U/17 (YEARS 10,11,12)

CONTACT  bobpackham@yahoo.co.uk

Mobile 07708 329621

Bob works in Weston Park School

Primary Netball
Peter Bennett | 14/06/2018

Thanks go to Charli Wright for hosting the netball tournament at Highgate School on a hot day.

Pool A:
Coldfall 1
St Mary’s
Tetherdown 1
St Ignatius
Highgate Primary
South Harringay
Rhodes Avenue
Pool B
Coldfall 2
St Ignatius 2
Tetherdown 2
Rhodes Avenue
Bounds Green

Primary Football Tournament Boys and Girls
Peter Bennett | 13/06/2018

A great turnout in the sunshine for the annual Haringey Community Tournament with 19 boys teams and 18 girls teams turning up and playing some great football on the day.
In the end Muswell Hill walked away with the girls title beating St Mary’s in the final with Rhodes Avenue back in 3rd. In the boys competition Tetherdown won the 3rd place playoff game to win bronze with a tense final going to penalties with Muswell Hill edging the gold medal over Rhodes Avenue in 2nd.
A fantastic day with great help from both St Thomas More and APS students who helped referee all the games.

Quad Kids Athletics
Peter Bennett | 08/06/2018

A great competition in a very hot day. 29 schools entered with over 230 students competing.

Many thanks to the students of St Thomas More For helping officiate the event.

Rhodes Avenue 1877pts won the competition from Highgate School 1827, 3rd were Coleridge, 1677, Harris Academy Philip Lane 1641, Coldfall 1621, Highgate primary 1594, Muswell Hill 1585, Norfolk House 1543, St Michaels 1513, St Ignatius 1488, Weston Park 1458, Rokesly 1446, St Pauls and All Hallows 1421, Belmont 1417, Our Lady of Muswell 1374, North Harringay 1359, Harris Academy Coleraine Park 1345, Crowland 1329, St Mary's CE 1320, Stamford Hill 1295, Campsbourne 1252, Risley 1241, Trinity 1217, Ferry Lane 1071, St John Vianney 1050, Alexandra and St Martins.

Full results Emailed to schools

Kwik Cricket
Peter Bennett | 08/06/2018

A fantastic two days of primary schools cricket with 29 teams competing in the Girls and Best Team competitions.

Many thanks to North London CC and North Middx CC for hosting these competitions.

The days would not happen without the outstanding students from Highgate Wood who umpired the games.

Girls Result: 1st Rhodes Avenue, 2nd Channing, 3rd Tetherdown and 4th South Harringay.

Boys (best team) Result: 1st Rhodes Avenue, Highgate Primary, 3rd Muswell Hill and 4th Rokesly.

Full results attched in docs

Primary Girls 7 a Side Netball
Peter Bennett | 14/05/2018

Primary schools Netball now Friday 8th June 12 o' clock start

Apologies for change of date

Primary Year 5/6 Tennis
Peter Bennett | 09/05/2018

​A great Year 5/6 Tennis event held at the wonderful Pavilion Tennis Club on another bright and sunny day. All the boys and girls showed their improvement in tennis throughout the day and got better as each game went on. Starting with 2 groups of 4 teams, Rhodes Avenue and St Michaels made it out of group A, whilst Coleridge and Highgate came out of group B. With both Rhodes Avenue and Coleridge winning both their games in the second pool it came down to a tense final game, which Coleridge picked up the Gold medals by 2 points and will go forward to represent Haringey at the London Youth Games.


1st: Coleridge   2nd: Rhodes Avenue   3rd: Highgate.


Many thanks to schools for coming.


Adem Ali

Sports Co-Ordinator

Rhodes Avenue Primary School

Peter Bennett | 20/04/2018

A great day of competition on the hottest day in April for many years.

Many thanks to the skolars for hosting this event at New River. The performance levels of the students keeps improving which highlights the good teaching of the primary schools.

Girls: 1st Coleridge, 2nd South Harringay, 3rd Muswell Hill

Boys: 1st Muswell Hill, 2nd St Michaels N6, 3rd St Ignatius

Full results in docs

Primary Basketball
Peter Bennett | 26/03/2018

A very enjoyable basketball competition with a fantastic entry.
Campsbourne were crowned champions and will represent haringey in the school games finals at Crystal Palace, 2nd Coleridge, 3rd= Coldfall and Highgate
Thank  you  for  attending  on  Friday .  I  attach  all  the  results .
As  you  are  all  aware  we  were  struggling  to  provide  sufficient  people  to  cover  all  the  jobs  especially  as  we  introduced  a  visual  scoreboard  for  all  games .  I  would  like  to  thank  all  the  young  people  who  helped  and  give  special  mention  to  Dave  and  Pete  who  provided  valuable  support  and  equipment .  I  also  thank  Doreen  St.  Marthe  and  Family , Leroy  Sauerwine  and  Dan  Bowmaker  for  stepping  up  to  make  sure  that  the  event  was  a  success . One  pool  was  slightly  wrong  and  we  do  apologise  for  that .
The  overall  standard  was  a  little  down  on  the  previous  year .  There  was  rather  too  much  dribbling  around  and  not  enough  passing .  Youngsters  at  this  age  should  be  looking  to  get  to  the  basket  with  their  lay - up  rather  than  shoot  from  distance  where  the  scoring  percentage  is  much  lower .
GIRLS  BASKETBALL  :-  Last  year  I  managed  to  get  4  girls  from  the  tournament  selected  for  the  London  Under  11  team  that  won  the  National  Mini  Basketball  Final .  I  saw  some  very  good  players  but  never  had  the  time  to  speak  to  their  teachers  including a  good  shooter  playing  in  purple / blue .  Please  contact  me  with  the  contact  details  of  any  outstanding  player  by  return  and  I  will  give  them  a  free  invite  to  our  basketball  camp  during  the  Easter  holiday .
Full results attached in docs

Do  have  a  good  break  ,
regards  Phil  Hayfield

Peter Bennett | 02/03/2018



Peter Bennett | 28/02/2018



Year 5 & 6 Tennis
Peter Bennett | 20/02/2018


Ten schools only

Haringey Secondary Schools Netball Leagues 2017/18
Peter Bennett | 08/02/2018

Senior League: !st= Greig City Academy & Fortismere, 3rd Heartlands.

Year 9: 1st Greig City Academy, 2nd Fortismere, 3rd= Heartlands & Highgate Wood.

Year 8: 1st Fortismere, 2nd Heartlands, 3rd Highgate Wood.

Year 7: 1st= Greig City Academy & Heartlands, 3rd Highgate Wood

Full results in docs

Peter Bennett | 08/02/2018

Kids Cricket

Indoor Nets: Free Taster Session

Contact Stuart www.alexandraparkcricketclub.com


Yr 8/9/10 Indoor Athletics at Lea Valley 2018
Peter Bennett | 06/02/2018

These championships were held in the excellent facilities at Lea Valley for year 8,9 and 10 students for both boys and girls competing in the following events 60m Hurdles, 60m, 200m, 800m, Long Jump, High Jump and Shot.

Year 8 Girls:- 1st Highgate, 2nd Heartlands, 3rd= Gladesmore and Fortismere. Year 9 Girls:- 1st Highgate, 2nd Heartlands, 3rd Duke's Aldridge. Year 10 Girls:- 1st Highgate, 2nd St Thomas More, 3rd Fortismere.

Yera 8 Boys:- Alexandra Park, 2nd Highgate, 3rd Heartlands, Year 9 Boys:- 1st Alexandra Park, 2nd Highgate, 3rd Duke's Aldridge, Year 10 Boys:- 1st Highgate, 2nd Alexandra Park, 3rd Gladesmore.

Full results in docs

Primary Schools Sports Hall Athletics Finals
Peter Bennett | 05/02/2018

The level of competitition keeps improving each year which shows the hard work of the teachers and coaches in the primary schools.

Six schools qualified from three heats. The final was very close with the last race left two schools were tied on points.

1st Rhodes Avenue 232pts (represent haringey in the regional finals), 2nd Coldfall 230pts, 3rd Highgate Primary 208pts, 4th Coleridge 206pts, 5th Muswell Hill 190pts and 6th Rokesly 185pts.

KS3 Badminton 2018
Peter Bennett | 28/01/2018

Alexandra Park's dominance of badminton is finally broken. An excellent competition with the level of badminton improving across the borough.

Boys Results:- 1st Heartlands, 2nd Duke's Aldridge, 3rd Alexandra Park, 4th Highgate Wood, 5th Greig City and 6th St Thomas More.

Girls Results:- 1st Highgate Wood, 2nd Alexandra Park, 3rd Duke's Aldridge, 4th Fortismere 5th= Heartlands, Greig City and St Thomas More.


Primary Sports Hall Athletics Heat 3
Peter Bennett | 28/01/2018

Final qualifying event. A very close competition with Highgate and Rokesly reaching the finals to be held at Heartlands on Thursday 1st February.

Positions:- 1st Highgate, 2nd Rokesly, 3rd= Trinity and St Pauls RC, 5th Earlham, 6th Bounds Green, 7th St James, 8th Campsbourne, 9th Our Lady of Muswell and 10th Channing (only girls)

Primary Sports Hall Athletics
Peter Bennett | 19/01/2018

Heartlands have hosted two heats so far with their students doing an excellent job of officiating. One more heat next Thursday. So far twenty one schools have competed.

Heat 1:- 1st Rhodes Avenue, 2nd Muswell Hill (Both schools qualified for the Finals), 3rd Crowland, 4th Mulberry, 5th St Marys CE, 6th North Harringay, 7th St Aidans, 8th St Gildas & 9th Brook

Heat 2:- 1st Coldfall, 2nd Coleridge (Both schools qualified for the finals), 3rd St Ignatius, 4th Highgate, 5th St Michaels N6, 7th Harris Philip Lane, 8th Tetherdown, 9th South Harringay, 10th St Pauls and All Hallows, 11th St Marys Priory RC, 12th Seven Sisters.

Full results attached in docs click on title primary Sports Hall Athletics

Active 30 Minutes a Day and the Active School Planner
Peter Bennett | 15/01/2018

It would be brilliant if all schools attend this training as this will give guidance on what is expected with the extra funding for the delivery of the school sport premium. I recently attended a regional meeting at which i was informed that a team of inspectors was being established to ensure this ring fenced money was being used appropriately.

Dear All,

Thanks to some funding from The Youth Sport Trust we are able to offer every Haringey School the opportunity to send a representative to the PE Subject Leader’s meeting at The Haringey PDC, Downhill Park Road, N17 6AR, 9.30am - 3.00pm on Thursday 1st February.
National Faculty Tutor, Kim Henderson, will lead a workshop on the Active School Planner and ways to achieve 30 minutes delivery within school and influence a further 30 minutes beyond school every day.
The full agenda is attached and will also look at PE & Sport Premium accountability, sharing good practice and, in the afternoon, Outdoor and Adventurous Activities involving some light, practical work.

Before coming to our meeting can you please:

· Register on the Active School Planner and spend 10 minutes exploring the site (www.activeschoolplanner.org)

· Bring a laptop or tablet (wherever possible) to work through the active school planner tool

Every school in Haringey should attend this one and I urge to ensure your school is represented and to book a place by emailing Dave Thomas, dave.a.thomas@blueyonder.co.uk as soon as possible.
The very best

Dave Thomas
PE Consultant & School Games Organiser
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