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Haringey Secondary Schools Netball Leagues 2017/18
Peter Bennett | 08/02/2018

Senior League: !st= Greig City Academy & Fortismere, 3rd Heartlands.

Year 9: 1st Greig City Academy, 2nd Fortismere, 3rd= Heartlands & Highgate Wood.

Year 8: 1st Fortismere, 2nd Heartlands, 3rd Highgate Wood.

Year 7: 1st= Greig City Academy & Heartlands, 3rd Highgate Wood

Full results in docs

Peter Bennett | 08/02/2018

Kids Cricket

Indoor Nets: Free Taster Session

Contact Stuart www.alexandraparkcricketclub.com


Yr 8/9/10 Indoor Athletics at Lea Valley 2018
Peter Bennett | 06/02/2018

These championships were held in the excellent facilities at Lea Valley for year 8,9 and 10 students for both boys and girls competing in the following events 60m Hurdles, 60m, 200m, 800m, Long Jump, High Jump and Shot.

Year 8 Girls:- 1st Highgate, 2nd Heartlands, 3rd= Gladesmore and Fortismere. Year 9 Girls:- 1st Highgate, 2nd Heartlands, 3rd Duke's Aldridge. Year 10 Girls:- 1st Highgate, 2nd St Thomas More, 3rd Fortismere.

Yera 8 Boys:- Alexandra Park, 2nd Highgate, 3rd Heartlands, Year 9 Boys:- 1st Alexandra Park, 2nd Highgate, 3rd Duke's Aldridge, Year 10 Boys:- 1st Highgate, 2nd Alexandra Park, 3rd Gladesmore.

Full results in docs

Primary Schools Sports Hall Athletics Finals
Peter Bennett | 05/02/2018

The level of competitition keeps improving each year which shows the hard work of the teachers and coaches in the primary schools.

Six schools qualified from three heats. The final was very close with the last race left two schools were tied on points.

1st Rhodes Avenue 232pts (represent haringey in the regional finals), 2nd Coldfall 230pts, 3rd Highgate Primary 208pts, 4th Coleridge 206pts, 5th Muswell Hill 190pts and 6th Rokesly 185pts.

KS3 Badminton 2018
Peter Bennett | 28/01/2018

Alexandra Park's dominance of badminton is finally broken. An excellent competition with the level of badminton improving across the borough.

Boys Results:- 1st Heartlands, 2nd Duke's Aldridge, 3rd Alexandra Park, 4th Highgate Wood, 5th Greig City and 6th St Thomas More.

Girls Results:- 1st Highgate Wood, 2nd Alexandra Park, 3rd Duke's Aldridge, 4th Fortismere 5th= Heartlands, Greig City and St Thomas More.


Primary Sports Hall Athletics Heat 3
Peter Bennett | 28/01/2018

Final qualifying event. A very close competition with Highgate and Rokesly reaching the finals to be held at Heartlands on Thursday 1st February.

Positions:- 1st Highgate, 2nd Rokesly, 3rd= Trinity and St Pauls RC, 5th Earlham, 6th Bounds Green, 7th St James, 8th Campsbourne, 9th Our Lady of Muswell and 10th Channing (only girls)

Primary Sports Hall Athletics
Peter Bennett | 19/01/2018

Heartlands have hosted two heats so far with their students doing an excellent job of officiating. One more heat next Thursday. So far twenty one schools have competed.

Heat 1:- 1st Rhodes Avenue, 2nd Muswell Hill (Both schools qualified for the Finals), 3rd Crowland, 4th Mulberry, 5th St Marys CE, 6th North Harringay, 7th St Aidans, 8th St Gildas & 9th Brook

Heat 2:- 1st Coldfall, 2nd Coleridge (Both schools qualified for the finals), 3rd St Ignatius, 4th Highgate, 5th St Michaels N6, 7th Harris Philip Lane, 8th Tetherdown, 9th South Harringay, 10th St Pauls and All Hallows, 11th St Marys Priory RC, 12th Seven Sisters.

Full results attached in docs click on title primary Sports Hall Athletics

Active 30 Minutes a Day and the Active School Planner
Peter Bennett | 15/01/2018

It would be brilliant if all schools attend this training as this will give guidance on what is expected with the extra funding for the delivery of the school sport premium. I recently attended a regional meeting at which i was informed that a team of inspectors was being established to ensure this ring fenced money was being used appropriately.

Dear All,

Thanks to some funding from The Youth Sport Trust we are able to offer every Haringey School the opportunity to send a representative to the PE Subject Leader’s meeting at The Haringey PDC, Downhill Park Road, N17 6AR, 9.30am - 3.00pm on Thursday 1st February.
National Faculty Tutor, Kim Henderson, will lead a workshop on the Active School Planner and ways to achieve 30 minutes delivery within school and influence a further 30 minutes beyond school every day.
The full agenda is attached and will also look at PE & Sport Premium accountability, sharing good practice and, in the afternoon, Outdoor and Adventurous Activities involving some light, practical work.

Before coming to our meeting can you please:

· Register on the Active School Planner and spend 10 minutes exploring the site (www.activeschoolplanner.org)

· Bring a laptop or tablet (wherever possible) to work through the active school planner tool

Every school in Haringey should attend this one and I urge to ensure your school is represented and to book a place by emailing Dave Thomas, dave.a.thomas@blueyonder.co.uk as soon as possible.
The very best

Dave Thomas
PE Consultant & School Games Organiser

Haringey U/11 Girls District Football Team Selection
Peter Bennett | 13/12/2017

A fantastic effort from all schools and all the girls as we had over 50 girls try out over the 5 week trial process which is an incredible amount of girls. The standard of play was extremely high which bodes well for the season ahead for the district girls who will try to emulate last seasons U11 Haringey Girls who became National Champions. Players involved have come from 9 different primary schools showing the talent we have in the borough. Congratulations to the following girls who have made the U11 Girls District Squad for Haringey.

Trea Hourigan​(St John Vianney)

Tayla Dennis (Weston Park)

Tabitha Jackson (Channing)

Lemara Nolana (Rhodes Avenue)

Maelie Bouvier (Heathside)

Lola Shack (Rhodes Avenue)

Tara Walsh (St Gildas)

Saoirse Hourigan(St John Vianney)

Matilda Donald (Muswell Hill)

Rhiann Grant (Mulberry)

Lena Bouvier (Heathside)

Bella Meadows (Muswell Hill)

Ella Kostem Stevens (Muswell Hill)

Freya Bunworth (Muswell Hill)

Georgia Willcox (St Michaels)

Adem Ali

Sports Co-Ordinator

Rhodes Avenue Primary School

0208 826 1893

Haringey Cross Country Championships 2017
Peter Bennett | 01/12/2017

The weather was kind to us and an excellent series of races progressed.

Individual Results Girls:- Yr 6/7 1st Lauren Russell Highgate School, 2nd Hattie Monday South Harringay, 3rd Matilda Donald. Yr 8/9 1st Mia Manttan Highgate School, 2nd Isobel Chadwick Highgate School, 3rd Matilda Highgate Wood. Yr 10/11 1st Mimi Blake Fortismere, 2nd Millie Pettitt Highgate School, 3rd Ella Conlon LSU.Yr 12/13 Phoebie Litter Highgate School, 2nd Angel Grimes McTavish Alexandra Park.

Individual Results Boys:- Yr 6/7 1st Spike Blake Fortismore, 2nd Eoghan Tucker Highgate School, 3rd Manu Wales Rhodes Avenue. Yr 8/9 1st Monte Watson Alexandra Park, 2nd Bryn Williams Fortismere,3rd Abel W Gladesmore. Yr 10/11 1st Matyas Sinko Heartlands, 2nd Mika Fitzpatrick Highgate School, 3rd Oscar Coleman.

Full results in docs including all individaul positions and team placings.

Year 8/9 Girls Basketball
Peter Bennett | 01/12/2017

The u/14 girls Basketball competition was hosted by P. Hayfield at Greig City Academy with the help of the St Marthe organisation who supplied three referees and two table officials.

Five schools competed with Greig City Academy victors, 2nd Heartlands, 3rd Park View, 4th Gladesmore and 5th St Thomas More.

Boys U/15 Boys 4 v 4 Volleyball 2017
Peter Bennett | 27/11/2017

A very good competition played at Gladesmore School organised by Mr W Reid.

1st St Thomas More (now represent haringey in the London school games), 2nd Alexandra Park, 3rd Park View and 4th Gladesmore.

Primary Mixed Tag Rugby Tournament 2017
Peter Bennett | 27/11/2017

The tournament was hosted by Skolars at New River On Thursday 9th November. The morning session was split into five pools and in the afternoon teams played against the corresponding placed team from each pool.

Ist Rhodes Avenue (will now represent haringey in the London school games), 2nd St Michaels CE N6, 3rd Muswell Hill, 4th St Ignatius, 5th St Pauls & All Hallows and follwed by South Harringay, Crowland, Our Lady of Muswell, St Pauls RC, Highgate Primary, Coleridge 'A', Alexandra, Rokesly, Tetherdown, North Harringay, Coleridge 'B', Belmont, Seven Sisters, Harris Philp Lane, Harris Coleraine Park.

Full results in docs.

U/16 Boys Basketball Tournament
Peter Bennett | 21/11/2017

A brilliant competition hosted by Greig City Academy with their students providing the officials.

The competition saw eight schools compete for the U/16 title and the honour of representing haringey in the school games championships.

1st Greig City Academy (unable to represent haringey as they have premier classification), 2nd St Thomas More (represent haringey), 3rd= Gladesmore and Park View and 5th= Fortismere and Woodside

Peter Bennett | 21/11/2017

Alexandra Park continue their dominance of badminton in haringey winning both the Key Stage 4 boys and girls events held at Dukes Aldridge on Friday 17th November.

Girls Event:- 1st Alexandra Park, 2nd St Thomas More, 3rd Dukes Aldridge and 4th Park View.

Boys Event:- 1st Alexandra Park, 2nd Highgate Wood, 3rd Park View and 4th= Dukes Aldridge and St Thomas More.

Primary Boys Table Tennis
Peter Bennett | 08/11/2017

Top 4 schools at Alexandra Park School :- 1st Coldfall, 2nd Muswell Hill, 3rd Coleridge and 4th Highgate Primary.

Top 4 schools at Gladesmore Community School :- 1st St Pauls and All Hallows, 2nd Crowland, 3rd Harris Philip Lane and 4th St Ignatius.

Year 11 Seven a side Football 2017
Year 11 Seven a Side Football | Peter Bennett | 25/10/2017

Five schools competed in the first of the seven a side football competitions held at the Fred Knight Centre.

1st Park View Academy, 2nd St Thomas More, 3rd Gladesmore, 4th Highgate Wood 5th Heartlands.

Hi 5 Netball Tournament at Highgate 2017
Peter Bennett | 25/10/2017

An excellent tournament for all those that participated with a continuous set of games. Schools were split into two pools with the top two in each pool contesting the top four positions.

Pool A 1st Weston Park, 2nd St Mary's CE, 3rd Campsbourne, 4th Coleridge, 5th Highgate, 6th Rhodes Avenue, 7th Earlham, 8th St Pauls RC, 9th St Gildas 10th Our Lady of Muswell.

Pool B 1st St Ignatius, 2nd Coldfall, 3rd Tetherdown, 4th Harris Philip Lane, 5th Crowland, 6th Rokesly, 7th St Michaels N6, 8th Bruce Grove, 9th Blanche Neville

St Mary's CE were eventual winners beating Coldfall and St Ignatius finished 3rd beating Weston Park.

Full results in Docs

6 a side Primary Schools Football Tournament at St Thomas More
Peter Bennett | 05/10/2017

Thirty Boys teams and Twenty Four girls teams entered (over 600 primary school Footballers).

A big thank you to the staff and Students of St Thomas More for organising a brilliant competition.

Girls Competition:- Quarter Finalists - South Harringay, Muswell Hill, Weston Park, Eversley, Rhodes Avenue, St michaels N6, St Mary's CE and Rokesley with Rhodes Avenue winning the final 3 - 0 against Muswell Hill.

Boys Competition:- Quarter Finalists - Muswell Hill, St Pauls and All Hallows, Weston Park, Highgate Primary, Rhodes Avenue, St Michaels N6, St Ignatius and Roksely with Rokesly winning the final 1 - 0 against Muswell Hill.

Cross Country 3rd October 2017
Peter Bennett | 05/10/2017

An amazing entry 702 athletes entered.

Individual girls:- 1st Mia Mattan yr 9 Highgate School, 2nd Lauren Russell yr 7 Highgate School, 3rd Mimi Blake yr 10 Fortismere, 1st primary - Hattie yr 6 South Harringay.

Individual Boys:- 1st Monte Watson yr 9 Alexandra Pk, 2nd Roland Somagyi Yr 10 Highgate Wood, 3rd Eddie Fairhurst yr 10 UCOS. 1st Primary - Manu Wales yr 6 Rhodes Avenue.

Team Result.

Primary Girls - 1st Muswell Hill A, 2nd Highgate School A, 3rd Tetherdown A. Primary Boys - 1st Rhodes Avenue, 2nd Highgate School, 3rd Tetherdown A.

Secondary Girls - 1st Highgate School, 2nd Fortismere A, 3rd Channing A. Secondary Boys - 1st Fortismere, 2nd Alexandra Park, 3rd Highgate School.

Full results in docs.


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